Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tips in the Kitchen: Pizza Stone

1 piece of stone floor tile from Home Depot
Over the last year I've developed an obsession with pizza. But I always somehow manage to either undercook the crust so it's still malleable, or burn the living you-know-what out of it. I Tried pizza trays, pans, and just about anything there is. Then, one day, we bought a pizza stone and it was like the heavens parted and the pizza Gods sang to me. You heat the stone before you even put the pizza on it and it starts cooking immediately from the top AND bottom. It's nearly impossible to mess up a pizza if you use a stone and keep your eye on it. But the only problem is, they can be really expensive.
we have this, GREAT buy!

same stone at a luxury cooking store for over $50!!!
Now that I've moved, I've been thinking about what kitchen necessitates I am still in need of. A pizza stone is most definitely up there but I just can't quite afford it. ALAS! My mom had some leftover stone from when they redid their kitchen floor and I took one square and BOOM! A FREE PIZZA STONE!!!
Now, I'm well aware not everyone has spare stone lying around but Home Depot does for under $4!!!!! $4--$30...$4--$30...$4--$30... hmmmmm which sounds better to you?
The ONLY down side to the floor stone, for your visual eaters, is that it creates a square, rather than a round pizza. But square is pretty chic and it will taste the same. And now that summer is sneaking up on us, you can even put the stone on the grill!!! A pizza stone is a total necessity that I command every one of you go buy! I'm giving it a trial run tonight so if my kitchen doesn't explode, then you'll know it works just as well as the name-brand pizza stone.
this is mine, simple piece of square stone

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