Monday, March 11, 2013

Strawberry Caesar Salad

Ok, ok, ok. Please don't kill me. I know I've been a TERRIBLE blogger the past two weeks, but I have been so busy with moving and--- oh whatever, I can't make an excuse! Anyways, I apologize sincerely. Well, like I said, I just moved out of Mommy and El's house into an apartment with a friend from high school. I send all credit for this meal to she and her boyfriend because I saw them eating it one night and recreated it every day for a week because of how AMAZING it was. A simple caesar salad with my caesar dressing and homemade croutons is always a great side salad but what made this meal even more irresistible was adding sliced strawberries to it. I know, it sounds a bit odd but there is something so amazing about how the tangy dressing blends with the sweetness of the strawberries. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical the first time I tried it because I thought they were absolutely nuts. I have had grapes and apples in salads before but strawberries add a whole new level of flavor and gorgeous color. If you want to make it completely vegan, use aioli or vegan mayo for the caesar dressing, and if you want to add some protein chicken is the best way to go. I promise, you'll LOVE this salad and be totally addicted after the first bite!!!

What you'll need:
1 head romaine lettuce
5 strawberries, sliced
1 tbs. caesar dressing (recipe here)
1/4 cup croutons (recipe here)

1. Rinse and cut your lettuce and slice your strawberries (I cut my lettuce by dragging my knife from the top of the lettuce, vertically, three times, then chopping horizontally to get perfect small slices).
2. Sauté your croutons (let them cool for at least 5 minutes) and make your caesar dressing.
3. Toss everything together and serve immediately!

enjoy :)

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