Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tea Time

On April 29, 2011 my heart broke in to 1,000,000 little pieces because my last chance of becoming the Queen of England was taken away from me when Kate married William. My entire life, I've wanted to be British and subsequently become the Queen one day. Welp, that never happened but that hasn't stopped me from wearing a tiara any chance I get and pretending from time to time that I am a proper English woman (is it just me or does your faux British accent in your head sound way better than when you try to use it in real life? I just sound like an idiot...). Yesterday my mom and I had High Tea at this lovely little tea room in Pasadena and I felt so regal the entire time. The food is out of this world, the service is wonderful, and the hats... oh my gosh the hats on these women!!! I felt like I was in a movie, it was just so wonderful. There was a baby shower and a bridal shower and I almost wanted to join in on their festivities just so I could eat more of the food (but I didn't have a hat :(
Anyways, it was time to order our meal. I didn't really care what we had, just as long as it came on the tower. First we started off with a tiny scoop of strawberry sorbet, then a tower came out featuring our scones, tea sandwiches, and  an assortment of desserts. Finally, we enjoyed a lovely strawberry and blueberry medley in a liqueur sauce with whipped cream. OH! And, along with the food, we were served strawberry preserves, homemade whipped cream, and lemon curd to put on your food (they "encouraged" us to play with our food!) I sipped on a fabulous passion fruit green tea as we enjoyed a lovely afternoon.
strawberry sorbet
lemon/blueberry scones
tea sandwiches 
red velvet/lemon cake/marzipan squares
"the" tower
fresh berry romanoff 

What is so lovely about high tea is that while there is a plethora of food, everything is in small amounts so you don't overload on the intake of the food. You sit for at least 90 minutes to fully experience the essence of such a proper and lovely meal. It's a great idea for a birthday party, shower, or special occasion of any kind. But remember, NO BOYS ALLOWED! It's a calm, ladylike environment that simply cannot be appreciated by a man (the food is too small for them, anyways). Needless to say, I have spent the last 36 hours obsessing over what type of tea sandwiches I would be making for myself for lunch every day this week.

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