Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food Excursion: Hana Sushi Bar

jessica roll at Hana Sushi Bar, Northridge, CA

Last night was Friday night date night. I'm going on a trip with my sister for the next two weeks and Daniel is on location for work, so he decided to treat me to my favorite food ever for our last dinner together. I find something so comforting about sushi. It's not too terribly filling to the point where you need to unbutton your pants. You know what else I love about sushi? It's always served on beautiful white platters, and we know how I feel about white! Anywho, I'm not extremely adventurous with my sushi; I usually stick to spicy tuna, albacore, yellow tail, salmon, and shrimp (I know, I'm boring). Please enjoy these pictures of last night's dinner thanks to my fabulous boyfriend :) If you're ever in Northridge, CA and looking for something yummy to eat, try Hana Sushi Bar. They were featured on a Food Network show (I think) for their "Shut Up Sauce" challenge. Of all of the sushi I've had around LA (some being INCREDIBLE!!!) this place is right up there with freshness and deliciousness! :)

jessica roll at Hana Sushi Bar, Northridge, CA
garlic albacore roll at Hana Sushi Bar, Northridge, CA
hot night roll at Hana Sushi Bar, Northridge, CA

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