Thursday, June 7, 2012

Food Excursion: The Market at Santa Monica Place

Yesterday, I had to make my annual trip to the doctor. The down side? It's all the way in Santa Monica. (normally, it wouldn't take more than 30 minutes to get there but at 5:30 in the afternoon? Ohy...) The up side? It's in Santa Monica! This meant I was able to visit the New Santa Monica Place which is full of beautiful shops and restaurants. The Market is an adorable little center with stands and food counters featuring various types of food. Next time you're in the area, I suggest you stop by. They even have a section that features cooking classes! My favorite part? There was a cheese shop with over 50 different types of cheese. You KNOW how much I LOVE cheese. And the meats and breads and pastas were just as exquisite! 
BEAUTIFUL handmade 3 foot long pasta!
even MORE cheese at the cheese shop at Santa Monica Market
cheese shop at Santa Monica Market

homemade chocolate bark (white, dark, and milk chocolate)

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