Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ciabatta Pizza

I'm not exactly sure why, but I felt like getting a little fancy with my appetizer the other night. Instead of doing regular old garlic bread I wanted to step it up. I don't have a regular grill at Daniel's house so I bought a grill pan and was pretty excited to use it for the first time. I saw a great recipe for grilled ciabatta with mozzarella and had a few ideas of how to jazz it up. #1 prosciutto. It's light but it's delicious. #2 fresh basil. Fresh bail adds a beautiful flavor to any meal without overpowering it. And, to make it even more delicious, I was a tiny bit naughty and drizzled some truffle oil over the bread at the very end (can you sense a pattern here? I sort of LOVE truffle oil). You can certainly skip this step but I don't recommend it. Anyways, this is a lovely appetizer, or even a main course served with a side salad that will definitely impress your guests!

What you'll need:
Loaf fresh ciabatta bread
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
2 tbs. freshly chopped basil
6-8 slices of prosciutto

1. Turn a grill pan (or a regular grill) on medium heat. Slice the bread into 1 inch pieces and cut in half.
2. Grill each piece of bread for about 45-60 seconds on ONE side (don't burn it!!!) or until it gets nice grill marks. Remove from heat and rub the fresh garlic on both sides. 
3. Place the UN-GRILLED side back on the grill and top with the sliced prosciutto and mozzarella. Cover for about 30 seconds to melt the cheese.
4. Remove from the heat, drizzle with the truffle oil and chopped basil. Serve immediately!

enjoy :)

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