Monday, October 15, 2012

Challah French Toast

Every week I find myself coming home with a fresh loaf of Challah. Unfortunately, nobody really eats it so there are now about 4 half loaves in the freezer. This weekend, I wanted to make good use of the fresh one I had just come home with. I could take the easy route and just make some toast or a sandwich. BUT, I knew exactly what to do. French Toast!!! Who doesn't like French Toast (that's right, NOBODY!)? Honey, vanilla, and some creamer make it sinfully sweet and delicious. I found this recipe originally from the Barefoot Contessa but I made it a little healthier (non-dairy creamer instead of real milk). You can really use any soft bread you want but nothing works as well as Challah. You could be REALLY naughty and use chocolate chip challah, but we didn't have any yet. Make as individual slices of French Toast or pour into a casserole dish and make a French Toast bake; either way, everyone will be satisfied!

What you'll need:
8 pieces challah
2 extra large eggs
1 cup non-dairy creamer
1 tbs. vanilla extract
1 tbs. GOOD honey
Pinch Kosher salt
1 tbs. Smart Balance (or other margarine)

1. Heat a large griddle or pan over medium heat. In a large bowl, mix together the creamer, eggs, vanilla, honey, and salt.
2. Soak each slice of bread in the mixture (it's easy if you put it in a baking dish and pour the mixture over the bread). Let sit for a few minutes so the bread soaks everything up.
3. Melt the butter on the griddle or pan and let each slice cook for about 2-3 minutes per side (or until it's golden brown).
4. Top with some good quality maple syrup and powdered sugar and serve immediately!
enjoy :)

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