Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Shallots

I have made quite a few different types of mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower. My naughty mashed potatoes are a HUGE hit with my family, as are the roasted garlic mashed potatoes. I made the roasted garlic mashed potatoes for dinner the other night but I wanted to jazz them up. I was sort of in the mood for onion rings but did NOT want to make as much of a mess. So I thinly sliced up some shallots, melted some butter and oil, and let them slowly crisp up for about 20 minutes. They added a wonderfully crunchy topping which everyone picked off of the top of the bowl (can't say I blame them!). The crispy shallots will go great on top of mashed cauliflower, too. And, they're a MUCH healthier alternative to gravy.

What you'll need:
3-4 shallots, thinly sliced
3 tbs. butter, melted
3 tbs. canola oil

1. Heat the oil and butter over medium-high heat, until the butter is melted. Lower the heat to low, add the shallots and sauté until they are brown. Continue to stir the onions every few minutes so they don't burn!
2. Line a plate with some paper towels. Using a slotted spoon (spoon with holes!), put the shallots on the paper towel and let the butter drain off.
3. As they sit, they'll firm up and get super crunch. Put them on top of the potatoes and chow down!

enjoy :)

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