Sunday, March 18, 2012


Ok this is a VERY delayed post. Every year for the Oscars, we have a smorgasbord of appetizers and whatnot. But, without fail, EVERY year we have nachos and every year my mom tries to make them healthy. But come on, what's the point of that?! Remember, however, that they KEY to good nachos is GOOD, STRONG chips. Go to your nearest Mexican market and buy yourself some fresh tortilla chips. They'll withstand all of the toppings and they are always perfect! Nachos are delicious just the way they are; with all of the oozy, gooey cheese, beans, and guacamole! MMM!!! That's how I like them, you can certainly do them however you want. Nachos is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser and leaves you with a very satisfied tummy!

What you'll need:
1 bag FRESH tortilla chips
1 can fat free refried beans (I'm trying here!)
Chunky salsa
Low fat sour cream

1. In a small pot, heat up the Velveta. Once it's melted add in the salsa and stir it all together until it get bubbly and gooey.
2. In the bottom of a shallow dish, spoon the beans into a layer that's about 1/2 inch thick (beans on the bottom is very important, it'll keep the chips in place).
3. On top of the beans, start to layer the chips. Make sure they are tucked in there nice and tight.
4. Once the Velveta is good and melted and incorporated with the salsa, pour it all over the chips.
5. Top with some guacamole, chili peppers, sour cream, or whatever you want!!!

enjoy :)

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