Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top Five

This week was one full of emotions and fun events. Thursday was our last day at school, Friday was graduation for the oldest class, and Saturday was my baby sister's 8th grade graduation (we spent the day together getting her hair done, going out to lunch, then going to Mecca, aka Tiffany's, to pick out her gift). Where did the last year go? Is it REALLY June already?! I guess this is what getting old feels like... Needless to say, I'm pooped! We have our last week of in-service this week then I begin summer camp! I can smell the Coppertone already! It's almost time for homemade popsicles, BBQs galore, swimming until I turn into a prune, and flipflop tan lines! Oh, and I feel as though I must let you all know that I FINALLY tasted Georgetown Cupcakes. I guess I'm just super biased because I'm borderline addicted to Sprinkles Cupcakes but I think Sprinkles wins the cupcake battle. Anyways, here is a peek at what I just obsessed over this past week!
I was daring and mixed the sugar free Passion Fruit & Pepper lemonade with the original... amazing!!!
how GORGEOUS are these flowers from a family at school?!
I know I'm late in the game but Veggie Grill is dangerously good... 
I may not have loved the cupcakes but this KitchenAid mixer at Georgetown Cupcakes made me want to cry
never seen a cooler bandaid in my life! where can I find these!
and just a bonus for you all, my baby sister at her 8th Grade Graduation :) Such a proud big sister!

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