Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slow Cooker Brisket

Ladies and gentleman, I am so proud to say that I officially, and VERY successfully, cooked my first brisket!!! As a Jewish woman, I figured it was time to learn to make the ultimate holiday staple. Now, I am never one to toot my own horn, but ohmygosh this was one of the BEST DARN THINGS I've EVER made!!! I couldn't stay away from the juices as it was cooking. My mouth is watering just thinking about it right now!!! Anyways, I have tasted my fair share of brisket over the years; Mrs. Gelson's, cooked in the oven, and slow cooker brisket. I have to say that my favorite was the oven roasted version. However, I have neither the time nor the patience to sit and watch it cook for 5 hours and baste it and and and just no!!! AHHA!!! Enter my new favorite toy, the slow cooker. While I will fully admit that I was both terrified and overwhelmed because of all of the recipes I had seen online and all of the different versions I have had over the year, this was the EASIEST MEAL I'VE EVER MADE! AND, very budget friendly! I'll have leftovers for days (and it's even better day 2!) Get excited!!!

This is what you'll need (this will feed 4 people)
4-5 lb. brisket (COSTCO baby!!!)
1 LARGE can tomato sauce
1 can tomato paste
1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix (yes, you read correctly)
4 small onions (or 2 large) sliced
5-6 medium carrots peeled and cut into chunks
2 tbs. vegetable oil (or olive or canola oil)
1 tbs. salt
1 tbs. pepper

1. Pat the brisket dry and sprinkle the salt and pepper on either side.
2. Heat the oil in a large skillet and braise (fancy word for searing then cooking in liquid) the brisket for 8-10 minutes on either side (this will create a nice crust that will lock in the juices and flavors). IT WILL BEGIN TO SHRINK, DO NOT BE AFRAID, THAT'S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

3. Slice the onions and chop the carrots. Add half of the carrots and onions to the bottom of the slow cooker.

4. Once the brisket has been seared on both sides, place it in the cooker (if it doesn't fit perfectly, DON'T WORRY!!! It WILL shrink!!!)

5. Add the rest of the onions and carrots on top of the brisket.

6. In a large bowl, mix together the tomato paste, onion soup mix, and tomato sauce. Once mixed, pour it on top of the brisket. (I didn't mix it together, I just plopped it all in the crock pot and mixed it around)

7. Put the top on and cook on low for 8 hours.

8. After 8 hours, remove the brisket from the cooker and let it rest on a platter for about 10 minutes before you slice (let those juices redistribute) and turn the cooker OFF.The juice will thicken BEAUTIFULLY. You'll notice that it shrank quite a bit (WE WANTED THAT!)

9. Slice and top with the onion and carrot gravy that thickened in the crock pot. (I served it with mashed cauliflower)
enjoy :)

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing! I wish I could find some Dallas bbq like that. Unfortunately, the barbeque near me is either subpar or always has a long wait. Not that I mind waiting, but perhaps I should work toward learning how to cook like my own bbq restaurant near me using techniques you have!