Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herb Garden

As part of "Go Green Week," I thought I should do my part to go a little bit greener. I tend to buy unnecessary amounts of herbs at the market, use them once, stick them in the fridge and forget about them; about $10 every week down the drain on unused herbs!
I have NEVER been able to keep a plant alive for more than 5 minutes, but I figured "Why Not?!" So I planted my own little herb garden on my kitchen counter! I made it my little project for the day. So I headed down to my local nursery, purchased some organic herbs and plain pots, and painted them all white! (I have a thing about kitchens being white. Just seems so much more clean and pretty) Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme :) I used the fresh rosemary last night in making the brown rice pizza crust and sprinkled some of the fresh basil under one of the layers of the cheese and ohmygosh, fresh makes all the difference!!! Here's to keeping those little babies alive for more than a week!!!

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