Sunday, February 5, 2012

BBQ Pulled Brisket Sliders

LEFTOVER ALERT!!!!!!!!!! For this meal, I did NOT make a brisket from scratch; I used the leftover brisket from Hanukkah that was in the freezer (seen here)!!! Stick it in a pot on LOW, smother it in your favorite bbq sauce, and let it fall to pieces and enter your belly! Anyways...
Nobody in our family is a huge fan of pro football. We are, however, HUGE fans of her majesty, Madonna. So you can imagine our extreme excitement regarding the Super Bowl. But we are foodies so we had to have lots of yummies throughout the day. The usual chips & salsa, some fried calamari (duhhh fried food!), and, le piece de resistance, BBQ brisket sliders! This is the perfect meal to satisfy your needs to both eat and use those leftovers in the freezer that are about to go bad! And let's be honest, if you're not going to a party, you do NOT want to spend the day in the kitchen. Commercials and easy finger foods are WAY better!!!

What you'll need:
Leftover brisket (about 3-5 lbs.)
Large pot (or slow cooker)
BBQ sauce (enough to cover the brisket)
King's Hawaiian buns (they're the BEST!)

1. Place your brisket and BBQ sauce in a pot (or slow cooker) and let simmer on low for anywhere from 1-3 hours (longer means more tender and falls apart easier!)

2. After it's finished cooking, use a fork to pull it apart (this should happen very easily; if not, then it's not ready!)
3. Slather the pulled brisket on the toasted Hawaiian sweet buns and top with, wait for it wait for it..... FRENCH'S CRISPY ONIONS!!!!! Oh yes, I went there!!!!!

enjoy :)

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